Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tips n Tricks - Glimmer Trimmer

Have you ever tried to cut glimmer paper with your Stampin' Up! Trimmer?  I have and it completely ruined my blade in the process. I had resorted to using my big guillotine for cutting glimmer paper, but it is big and bulky and I really can't cut thin pieces precisely.  Not to mention it is really inconvenient to have to lug it out of storage to cut a small piece of glimmer paper - the consequence of which is that I stopped using glimmer paper so much on my projects. 

But not to disrepair I have a solution, which I stumbled upon last time I was changing out an old blunt blade from my trimmer. It occurred to me that with the trimmer arm design it would actually be able to hold three blades, with the two least used tucked away at each end, so I added my old blade to the arm and marked it with a G so I don't get them mixed up. You can see how I have them arranged in the picture:

Now I can quickly and easily cut accurate strips of glimmer paper of any width just by grabbing my Stampin' Up! Paper Trimmer.

Happy Stamping


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