Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Convention Swaps .... Part 1

This is the first of three posts that I have set to automatically load up while I am away at Stampin' Up! Annual Convention.  It is being held in Melbourne this year, and I have been so excited to attend.  Aproximately 500 demonstrators from Australia and New Zealand all getting together in one place for 3 days!!!   One of the best parts about this event is swaps (at least that is what I am told!).  I have made 3 different swaps for the event and will be scheduling a post each day to show them off.   

One of the first unofficial events that I will be part of at Convention is the ESAD dinner, through ESAD I have met some amazing, supportive, inspiring, and genuinely caring ladies, and the ESAD dinner is my chance to meet some of them face to face. Some of us will have started our swapping at the dinner, and this is what these little swaps are for.   I wanted to make some little bags and was originally inspired by one of the videos over at chic n scratch, but made some changes to the dimensions of the bags to hold different things. 

I made about 36 of these little bags, 12 with 2 teabags, 12 with a coffee bag, and 12 with chocolate bar. All of the bags have been made with the colour collections DSP, and I chose the polka dot pattern as it matched the dots on the cup stamp.  I hope you like these, especially if you were lucky enough to get one as a swap!

Happy Stamping

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