Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Other Convention Creations ...

I wanted to make this post to show you some of the other things I made for special reasons this convention. 

Firstly my room mate gifts, I will be sharing with two ladies who I have never met before except for chatting on-line, and wanted to make them a little something extra than the usual swaps.  Now I know from our many chats that Leonie is a lover of coffee, so what could be more perfect than a decorated take-away coffee cup?  I saw these in Office Works and just knew I had to bring them home and decorate them up!  Each one is filled with coffee bags and favourites chocolates. I hope they liked them :)

These gifts are for special ladies who I have met through Stampin' Up! and each one holds a little charm made from the Hodge Podge, and each has the recipient's name on the back - great for popping on scissors, or even our convention bags.  As I said these are gifts for the special ladies who have enriched my life in the past 15 months. I knew I would love the Stampin' Up! products, but no one ever told me I would make such good friends when I joined as a demonstrator!  . 

These last two are special birthday gifts, one for my room mate Libby, and one for the room mate of my other close friends, Sharon.  It is amazing how many people have birthdays this convention, including one of the ladies coming over from head office in America!  These little boxes are just the right size to fit a box of Guylian chocolates, and the scrunched flower on the boxes is detachable.  Why?  Because the ESAD ladies all agreed to wear one at Convention so we could easily find each other in the crowd,  I have mounted each one onto a broach clip for convenience.

Keep watching my blog, I am going to be posting some of the photos from convention, including some of my favourite swaps.
Happy Stamping


  1. Wow Monique! These are all lovely gifts and I'm sure everyone loved them. Hope you are having a fantastic time at Convention. I can't wait to here all the news when you get back.

  2. Wow moni I have been keep tabs on your post over the weekend while you have been at convention. Your swaps and gifts are fantastic but that doesn't surprise me lol. Can't wait to see photos lol


  3. Oh Monique, I was disappointed at not being at convention and not getting all the latest goss, the new products preview, the hype and inspiration and now it's even worse! NO special treat from you. :(

    Kasey ~ in Oz


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