Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Ribbon Holder

I wanted to share with you my new ribbon holder, I am so very happy with it partly because I think it looks awesome, partly because it means my ribbons are right in front of me so that I will start to use them more (I tend to use what is right in front of me) and mostly because I made it myself! 
I have been wanting to have something to hold my ribbons apart from the messy box in which they have been living, and have been toying around with a few ideas.  Can you guess what I used?  I had this idea in my head so down I went to Bunnings with poor hubby in tow and two rolls of ribbon in my hand bag (for measuring diameters) and picked up a piece of 100mm  diameter Poly-pipe.   I brought it home and got hubby on board to help by cutting it to length (so it would fit on my ink/marker storage) and then I helped him to cut a wedge out of the pipe down the length using the Triton workbench.  I then gave both pieces a bit of a sand to smooth off the edges, and inside to the craft table.

Once inside I used sticky strip and Tombow glue to adhere DSP from the Beau Chateau on the outside and Neutrals Paper Stack on the inside.  The wedge I chopped out I covered in Soft Suede card stock and used as the base, adhering the main piece to it with liquid nails.  I haven't quite decided what to do on the ends yet, I think a wood end with a piece of dowel through to hang the ribbons off, but I also like that I can just pull out a roll of ribbon if I need to so not rushing into the ends just yet.  The other thing I like is that I can put the Stack and Store containers in there too,  and I use them to store ribbon shares that are too small for a spool.  The best part is that it was fun to make and didn't cost me a fortune.

The only problem now is that I need another one as I plan to buy more ribbons really soon!  Maybe I will have one for each colour family and decorate them accordingly!

Happy Stamping


  1. Fabulous storage on a budget Mon, you're very inventive when it comes to storage. I have way too many ribbons and would need a wall of those pipes!

    Very pretty card this week too.

    Kasey ~ in Oz

  2. Very cool!!! My ribbon is shamefully stored in a sewing box. :(

  3. Such a fantastic idea and so economical, TFS!

  4. What a brilliant idea Monique..... May have to look into this myself, WHEN I find room in my office!


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