Friday, January 10, 2014

Lost Card

I have been going through my "To Blog" folder, a folder I keep with pictures that I want to pop up here, and I came across this card.  This one comes with a bit of a funny story ...

At the end of 2012 my brother and his wife had their first baby, young Henry. My daughter was due to be visiting around the time of the birth so I made a version of this card for her to take with her, made in neutral colours with two picture panels (one pink and one blue), so that she could attach the correct one when the baby was born.  Well chance would have it that somehow after writing on the card, it got lost and never made it to Henry!  So when she came back home I made another one, the one pictured here, only this time I knew it could be blue.  

The really funny part comes because somehow this card too became lost and I never got it sent off!  I am sure one day it will turn up, probably when I do a complete craft space re-shuffle! At least I managed to take a photo before I lost it.

Happy Stamping

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