Sunday, November 10, 2013

Envelope Punch Board - Christmas Bon Bon

Don't you just love it when you find a new way to use a tool? I know I do, and was so excited when I found a video tutorial to make a Christmas Bon Bon using the Envelope Punch Board. I can't find the original link at the moment, but it used a 6-1/2" x 8" piece of DSP, however I wanted to adjust the size so that I could get two from a single sheet of 12"x12" DSP.  I have taken some pictures to show how I made the Bon Bon, isn't it cute?

  • Take a 6" x 8" piece of DSP and score at 1-3/8", 2-3/4". 4-1/8" and 5-1/2"
  • Using a bone folder crease all of the score lines

  •  Using the Envelope Punch Board, place the 8" side of the DSP against the top and put the end of the DSP at the 2-1/8" mark, punch the first notch.

  • The result will look like this

  • Fold the DSP on the first score line, place the fold against the top of the board, and punch at the 2-1/8" mark.
  • Repeat this for all the folds

  •  You should have a piece of DSP that looks like this

  • Use the Scallop Trim Border Punch on each of the short ends
  • Trim off the edge on the small side only, this will be folded in and makes the finished item look neater

  • Using the Score Board Score line up the centre of the punch outs with a groove (I have drawn a line down my 6" groove to make it easier to do things like this)
  • Score the DSP along this line.
  • Score 1/2" either side of this centre line
  • These need to be done gently so as not to rip the DSP

  • Do this for both ends of the Bon Bon.
  • I found it easier to fold along the centre line first.

  • Then fold both sides back to create a fold as shown.

  • You can use TomBow glue or Sticky Strip along the small folded edge - you will want something that is quite strong.

  • I found it easier to line up by lying the Bon Bon flat, so the edge overlaps the glued tab.

  • Open the Bon Bon up and gently push the ends in toward the centre to create the Bon Bon shape.
  • Decorate as desired and fill with treats!

Following making this one, a fellow demo and friend of mine Cathy, tweaked with the sizing again so that you can get a bon bon out of a 6"x6" piece of DSP (that is 4 from a piece of 12x12).  Better still the reduced size is just perfect for two Ferrero Rocher Chocolates!  What a perfect Christmas gift for someone special.  You could also use a Framelit Die to cut a window in one side of the bon bon and cover on the inside with acetate so you can get a peek of the treat inside.

  • Score at 1-3/8", 2-3/4". 4-1/8" and 5-1/2"
  • Line up on the Envelope Punch Board at 1-1/4" mark (instead of 2-1/8")
  • All other steps are the same

Happy Stamping


  1. This is so cool! I've yet to play with the EPB...but this is such a gorgeous project!!
    Hope you are well! xxxx

  2. Thank you Monique for an excellent tutuorial. I love making these bonbons.


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