Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 27 Challenge - ESAD

ESAD is a group for Extra Special Australasian Demonstrators, and I love being part of it.  One of the things I enjoy, though don't get to participate in as much as I would like, are the weekly challenges.  This week was a 3D and card challenge using a template found here. As soon as I saw it I thought of an old Combi Van from the hippy days, all painted up.  How pleased was I to learn that the first of the Combi Van's came off the production line in 1950 making the choice for an accompanying card an easy choice of course .... a 60th!


  1. Moni, this is sooo cool, and very unique. The combi van is just too cute lol. I love your technique on the card ... very "hip".

  2. Thanks Aly, it took a while but I had a real blast making this card and combi combo!!

  3. Mon, this is just sensational! Love the coloured swirl on the card, share how pls....Im assuming masks and sponging???


  4. Thanks for the kind words Kasey.
    Yes it was masking and sponging. Basically cut a curve out of a spare piece of paper, put one end in the centre of the card and sponged first colour, then turned the base card 180degrees and repeated with first colour. Repeating with other colours as you go around the card.


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