Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dad's Birthday Gift

Another pic from my archive!  This time it is a picture of the gift box I decorated for my father's birthday. 

Now my dad is not the easiest person to get a gift for, he is a bargain hunter like you wouldn't believe and doesn't like to see money wasted.  This means that while he loves reading, he doesn't like it when I buy him a book as he is happier hunting 2nd hand book shops or garage sales to find one!  In many ways I wish I was more like him in this aspect (we are similar in so many others).  So what's in the box?  A selection of spice mixes for some of his favourite curries!  They looked a bit boring on their own so to make it extra special I decorated one of the lovely large boxes from the Holiday Catalogue and popped them inside. These boxes are just great for gifts as you can decorate them any way you like.  This one of course has a more masculine feel.

The best part was that mum was visiting and could take this home with her.  Because the box stores flat she packed the box and contents separately and just slipped on the ribbon belly band when she got home - so no damage to the package!   

Happy Stamping

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