Sunday, January 5, 2014

Desk Upgrade - Stage One

I have been thinking about updating my crafting space for some time. I have searched high and low for a desk and storage system that will meet my needs and I am yet to find one.  Ikea have a great bookshelf system and I will likely use that along the back wall of my craft space, but for now I want to focus on the actual desk.

When you can't find what you need the only solutions are to make do with something that doesn't meet your needs, do without, or build it yourself.  Well, you know me, I chose to build it myself.  I have been doing some planning, measuring, sketching and have finally come up with a shelving system for under the desk and down the right side of my workspace that meet my specific storage needs. 

Now the cost of making this is reasonably high, not to mention the amount of work it is going to take!  So I have decided to break it down into stages. I thought I would share the progress by blogging as I go, I will add this as an amendment to the "My Creative Space" tab as well so it will eventually all be in one place.

 This first picture is how my craft desk has looked recently (Ok it is a lot clearer than it usually is lol).  It has been really functional and I still love the hutches I have made for the top but I'm sure you can also see why I have wanted to upgrade it.

First job was to remove the hutches and the old door and put in place a lovely piece of pine that we routed the edges of and stained with a combination stain and varnish.  The colour is great and I have to give a bit shout out to my lovely husband who did the painting over the last couple of days.  The hammer lock shelves from the shed are still doing their duty under the desk, but that's ok you can't see them much.

The next, and for me most time consuming, task was to re-arrange the items on the top of the desk.  The new desk top is bigger 2100cm x 90cm x 3cm, and so things go on it slightly differently.  The great thing about my hutches is that they are able to be arranged in a variety of ways, so I played what I now call "Desk Tetris" to get things where I want them.  I do reserve the right to change this over time but for now I am really happy with the new look.  

Next task is to make new hutches out of pine and stained to match the desk, then I think it will be the side section next, with the under desk shelves to be done last.

Happy Stamping

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